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Lamontite ABCO Large Size Compression


Lamontite & ABCO® Large Size Compression Fittings

Our range of ABCO® Large Size Compression fittings offers the highest quality large size compression fittings available on the market today. Designed and made entirely in the UK the ABCO® range is an evolution of the large size Lamontite range that has been the industry leader for many years. We offer the full range of tees, couplings, and male and female connectors and adaptors as well as several unique products such as our Imperial to metric couplings. We also have Gatevalves in 67mm, 76mm and 108mm and stopcocks in 67mm and 76mm.

Lamontite / ABCO Large Size Compression Fittings

DescriptionProduct Code 
67mm Straight CouplingABCO LS130-67
76mm Straight CouplingABCO LS130-76
108mm Straight CouplingABCO LS130-108
67mm Compression Disconnecting UnionABCO LS130DISC-67
76mm Compression Disconnecting UnionABCO LS130DISC-76
67mm TeeABCO LS150-67
76mm TeeABCO LS150-76
108mm TeeABCO LS150-108
67mm ElbowABCO LS139-67
76mm ElbowABCO LS139-76
108mm ElbowABCO LS139-108
67mm Straight Male ConnectorABCO LS134-67
76mm Straight Male ConnectorABCO LS134-76
108mm Straight Male ConnectorABCO LS134-108
3 inch x 3 inch BSP Imperial Straight male connectorABCO LS134IM-3"x3"
67mm x 54mm Reduced Straight CouplingABCO LS132-67x54
76mm x 54mm Reduced Straight CouplingABCO LS132-76x54
67mm Tank ConnectorABCO LS135-67x2½
76mm Tank ConnectorABCO LS135-76x3
108mm Tank ConnectorABCO LS135-108x4
67mm Bent Female ConnectorABCO LS147-67
76mm Bent Female ConnectorABCO LS147-76
108mm x 104mm (4 inch) Metric to Imperial CouplingABCO LS130IM-108x104
108mm x 106mm (4 inch) Metric to Imperial CouplingABCO LS130IM-108x106
76mm x 3 inch Metric to Imperial CouplingABCO LS130IM-76mmx3"
76mm x 3 inch Imperial Fitting AdapterABCO LS131IM-76x3"
67mm Straight Female ConnectorABCO LS138-67
76mm Straight Female ConnectorABCO LS138-76
108mm Straight Female ConnectorABCO LS138-108
3 inch x 3 inch Imperial Straight female connectorABCO LS138IM-3"x3"
67mm 45 degree Obtuse ElbowABCO LS140-67
76mm 45 degree Obtuse ElbowABCO LS140-76
67mm Bent Male ConnectorABCO LS145-67
76mm Bent Male ConnectorABCO LS145-76
67x67x15 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x15
67x67x22 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x22
67x67x28 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x28
67x67x35 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x35
67x67x42 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x42
67x67x54 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-67x67x54
76x76x15 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x15
76x76x22 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x22
76x76x28 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x28
76x76x35 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x35
76x76x42 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x42
76x76x54 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x54
76x76x67 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-76x76x67
108x108x15 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x15
108x108x22 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x22
108x108x28 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x28
108x108x35 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x35
108x108x42 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x42
108x108x54 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x54
108x108x67 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x67
108x108x76 Branch Reduced TeeABCO LS151-108x108x76
67mm StopcockABCO LS189-67
76mm StopcockABCO LS189-76
67mm GatevalveABCO LS197-67
76mm GatevalveABCO LS197-76
108mm GatevalveABCO LS197-108
67mm Male AdapterABCO LS199-67
76mm Male AdapterABCO LS199-76
ABCO Fitting nutABCO LS901
108mm Compression RingABCO LS905-108
76mm Compression RingABCO LS905-76
67mm Compression RingABCO LS905-67
3 inch Imperial Compression Ring
*** Only for use in ABCO LS130IM, LS131IM, LS134IM & LS138IM fittings***
4 inch Imperial Compression Ring
*** Only for use in ABCO LS130IM fittings***
108mm x 4 inch JamnutABCO LS907-108x4
67mm x 2½ inch JamnutABCO LS907-67x2½
76mm x 3 inch JamnutABCO LS907-76x3
67mm x 15mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x15
67mm x 22mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x22
67mm x 28mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x28
67mm x 35mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x35
67mm x 42mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x42
67mm x 54mm ReducerABCO LS908-67x54
76mm x 15mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x15
76mm x 22mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x22
76mm x 28mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x28
76mm x 35mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x35
76mm x 42mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x42
76mm x 54mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x54
76mm x 67mm ReducerABCO LS908-76x67
108mm x 15mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x15
108mm x 22mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x22
108mm x 28mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x28
108mm x 35mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x35
108mm x 42mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x42
108mm x 54mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x54
108mm x 67mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x67
108mm x 76mm ReducerABCO LS908-108x76
ABCO Threaded PinABCO LS910
67mm Stop End / Blank CapABCO LS916-67
76mm Stop End / Blank CapABCO LS916-76
108mm Stop End / Blank CapABCO LS916-108
3 inch Imperial Stop End / Blank CapABCO LS916IM-3
4 inch Imperial Stop End / Blank CapABCO LS916IM-4
Lamontite / ABCO Large Size Compression Fittings in sizes from 67mm to 108mm available from Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists Ltd.
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ABCO LS905IM-3 & LS905IM-4 Imperial Compression Rings are only compatible with ABCO LS130IM, LS131IM, LS134IM and LS138IM fittings. They should not be used with any other fittings.

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Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists recommend UK Manufactured copper tube for use with our ABCO Large Size Compression Fittings

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