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A quality plumbing fitting is essential for any good installation. Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists have been in business for over 50 years. In that time we have built a reputation for stocking and supplying the best quality plumbing fittings across various ranges and types of fittings. 2018 sees the rebranding of the large size Lamontite fittings to our own registered brand name ABCO and we look forward to developing new customers for what is the most extensive range of 67mm-108mm compression fittings in the marketplace today.

For smaller diameter pipe in sizes 6mm-54mm we offer compression, solder, push-fit and brazing fittings from the top manufacturers.

We keep a large selection of chrome plated fittings in stock and can also offer a custom chroming service to bring existing fittings and pipework back to brand new condition.

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Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists recommend Wednesbury Tube for use with all our fittings.

Visit our Copper Tube page for full details.

Alexander Brown recommends Wednesbury Tube for use with our fittings