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P & S Traps

P & S Traps

Top Quality P & S  Traps available in copper or chrome plated finishes. The P Trap and S Trap are two different types of traps used in plumbing. The traps use water to stop the escape of sewer gases. The P trap has the shape of an P and the S trap is shaped like an S. Chrome plated traps are an excellent addition to any bathroom or kitchen installation.

Sizes 1¼  inch, 1½ inch & 2 inch.

P & S Traps

DescriptionProduct Code 
1¼ inch Copper P TrapCOPPT-1¼
1½ inch Copper P TrapCOPPT-1½
2 inch Copper P TrapCOPPT-2
1¼ inch Copper S TrapCOPST-1¼
1½ inch Copper S TrapCOPST-1½
2 inch Copper S TrapCOPST-2
1¼ inch Chrome Compression P TrapCHRPT-1¼
1½ inch Chrome Compression P TrapCHRPT-1½
2 inch Chrome Compression P TrapCHRPT-2
1¼ inch Chrome Compression S TrapCHRST-1¼
1½ inch Chrome Compression S TrapCHRST-1½
2 inch Chrome Compression S TrapCHRST-2
P & S Traps from Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists Ltd.
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Alexander Brown Plumbing Fittings Specialists recommend UK Manufactured copper tube for use with all our P & S Traps

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